Pregy CW75/M50 - 1 PV BA13 + 1 LaDura BA13 - MW/40

75 mm thick lining composed by 1 x 12,5 mm thick PregyPlac BA13 as inner layer and 1 x 12,5 mm thick LaDura Plus BA13 as outer layer, fixed to galvanized steel frame made of 40-50-40 mm horizontal U tracks and 47-49-50 mm vertical C studs. Mineral wool (optional) in the cavity.

Further Information

Nominal thickness: 75 mm
Insulation type: Mineral wool
Insulation thickness: 40 mm
Acoustic report: Acoustic simulation
weightPerSQM: 23 kg/m²
Fire reaction: A2-s1,d0
Maximum height: 3800 mm
Sound insulation: 64 dB
Support: Any kind / Stand alone
Performance: Vapour, Acoustic, Increased load capacity, Moisture, Mechanical strength, Impact & security


  • Upgrading of thermal and acoustic performances of existing walls
  • Renovations


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