Good projects always start with a good base. Siniat knows this and offers high quality gypsum suitable for different applications: preparing the base walls for plasterboards, leveling out big or small irregularities on building surfaces or even casting different shapes and forms.

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P95 Joint Compound

Quick-setting powder compound characterized by high hardness and good elasticity

PregyLys 45 PN Joint Compound

Setting powder compound for joints treatment between plasterboards


Gypsum based skimming compound for finishing of interior plaster


Quick-setting powder compound for joints treatment between plasterboards

ZF 202

Premixed gypsum-based plaster

AquaBoard Joint Compound

Readymix jointing compound for AquaBoard

P35 Joint Compound

Medium quick-setting powder compound for joints treatment between plasterboards

Pregy S Joint Compound

High quality "in paste" compound for all phases of plasterboard joints filling

P25 EXTRA Joint Compound

Quick-setting compound for the joints treatment between plasterboards

P120 Glue

Setting glue powder for bonding composite panels and plasterboards

PL5 Glue

Multifunction glue-compound powder for bonding and joint treatment in DIY works.

Adesivo&Rasante Aquaboard

Render for AquaBoard and for bonding and rendering in EIFS

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