Pregy CW245/M100 - 3 PF BA15 - GW/100

REI 120 lining, 245 mm thick, composed by 3 x 15 mm thick PregyFlam BA15, fixed to galvanized steel frame made of 40-100-40 mm horizontal U tracks and 47-99-50 mm vertical C studs. Glass wool in the cavity. According to fire test report, fire from the lining side only is allowed. 20 mm gap must be provided at the top of the studs.

Further Information

Nominal thickness: 245 mm
Insulation type: Glass wool
Insulation thickness: 100 mm
Insulation gross density: 21 kg/m³
Fire report number: Efectis n. 05U305 + Ext. 06/1 + Ext. 06/2
Fire reaction: A2-s1,d0
Fire resistance: 120 min
Maximum height: 5400 mm
Support: Hollow or solid bricks / Concrete hollow or solid blocks / Aerated concrete blocks with thermal resistance lower than 1,64 m² K/W


  • Fire resistance upgrading of existing walls
  • Renovations


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