Pregy CDO 99/S4927 - 3 PF BA15

Double frame open sky ceiling with 3 x 15 mm PregyFlam BA15, fixed to galvanized steel frame made of 28-28-28 mm U tracks and 27-49-27 mm S4927 channel at 75 cm spacing and at 40 cm respectively the primary and the secondary, with hangers at 60 cm. According to fire test report, only fire from below is allowed.

Further Information

Nominal thickness: 99 mm
Framing centres: 750 mm
Framing centres(2): 400 mm
Maximum hanger span: 60 mm
Secondary channel interval: 400 mm
Fire report number: IG n. 322721/3711FR
Fire class: EI 90
Fire resistance: 90 min
Fire reaction: A2-s1,d0
Performance: Fire
Support: Any kind


  • Fire compartmentation with open sky ceiling
  • Used where fire protection of the services above the ceiling is required
  • New buildings and renovations

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