BEL CDO 67/S4927 - 1 Bel BA13 - GW80

Sound absorption ceiling with 1 x 12,5 mm PregyBel board fixed to galvanized steel frame made of 28-28-28 mm U tracks and 27-49-27 mm S4927 channel at 100 cm spacing and at 40/60 cm respectively the primary and the secondary, with hangers at 120 cm. 80 mm glass wool in the cavity.

Further Information
Thickness: 67 mm
Framing Centres: 600 mm
Insulation Type: Glass wool
Insulation Thickness: 80 mm
Insulation Density: 20 kg/m³
Weight per m²: 14 kg/m²
Maximum hanger span: 1200 mm
Performance Category: Aesthetic, Sound absorption
Compatible Support: Any kind


  • Used to enhance the acoustic comfort of large open spaces and to control sound reverberation* Used where services are required below the soffit* New buildings and renovations

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