S4915 profile - Ceiling clip system

Galvanized steel profile type DX51D + Z , 6/10 mm thick with C 15/49/15 mm section, rounded edge, for realization of metal frameworks for continous suspended ceilings, in single or double frame ,and linings in adherence. Used also as a secondary profile in the realization of continous ceilings, double frame, by click system with Guida Clip. Reference standard: UNI EN 14195

Further information


  • Realization of metal frameworks for continous ceilings , single and double frame, and mechanical fixing linings in adherence.
  • Realization of continous ceilings , double frame, by click system
  • New works and renovations


  • Standard product of common use
  • Ceiling systems quick installation: profile is click-hooked with any center distance to Guida Clip

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