Adesivo&Rasante Aquaboard

Adesivo&Rasante AquaBoard is an environmentally friendly mineral render in powder form, one-component, cement basis, for direct rendering on AquaBoard and for bonding and rendering insulating panels on the board itself. Available fine or thick grain.

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  • Rendering on AquaBoard in the construction of external walls and linings with AquaBoard system direct render.
  • Bonding of thermal and acoustic panels on AquaBoard and their subsequent rendering in the construction of external walls and linimgs by AquaBoard insulation system (EIFS)
  • New works, and renovations


  • Immediate adhesion
  • Long time adjustability
  • Easy handling for rapid an safe installation
  • Available fine or thick grain
  • Used in AquaBoard system with a technical certificate of competency issued by ITC-CNR


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