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Pregy S210/2M75 - 2 PS BA13 + 2 LaDura BA13 - MW/60 + 60

210 mm thick partition composed by 1 x 12,5 mm thick PregyPlac BA13 as inner layer and 1 x 12,5 mm thick LaDura Plus BA13 as outer layer on each side, fixed to galvanized steel frame made of double row of 40-75-40 mm horizontal U tracks and 47-74-50 mm vertical C studs. Mineral wool 60 + 60 mm thick in the cavity. According to fire classification report, both mineral glass wool and rock wool are permitted as insulation. For further information about the insulation thickness for fire rated partitions please see the related Fire Classification Report.


  • High performance sound insulating partitions
  • New buildings and renovations