Mexico Pavilion, Expo 2015

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Key facts & Challenges

Mexico is home to many ecosystems, has a millenary culture and a varied gastronomy, much that in 2010 the Mexican cuisine was declared Immaterial Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. In the pavilion visitors feel the scents, the flavors, the colors, the textures and the sounds of Mexico. The Expo Milano 2015 has as its basic theme, the sustainability : principle to be answered for nourishing the world population and criteria for the architectural project. The architect Francisco López Guerra Almada, along with Jorge Vallejo and consulting biologist Juan Guzzy, has designed the pavilion in the shape of a large corn cob that covers 1910 square meters where there is an exhibition of local products, surrounded by a water flow that gives life to the gardens and leads visitors on helical ramps to discover Mexico.

Installation phase

Local impact