Bio Mediterranean Cluster Pavilion, , Expo 2015

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Key facts & Challenges

The Clusters are a peculiarity of Expo Milano 2015: it comes to exhibition spaces that bring together more than 70 countries around a single theme (Islands, Dry Areas, cereals, tubers, Bio-Med) shared through a single architectural project. Dedicated to the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea, the Bio-Mediterranean cluster is built around a large square, partly covered, housing 12 national pavilions and 4 structures dedicated to the distribution of typical products of this area and covers an area of over 7,000 square meters. The Rubner Group has built in just two months the 43 buildings that make up the Cluster. The entire project provides for the construction the use of 1,410 m3 of laminated wood, 6,000 square meters of roofing panels, 18,000 square meters of wall panels and 5,050 square meters of floor slabs in X-Lam